Three Missouri Cities Recognized Among America’s Best Cities For Global Trade

Three Missouri cities were recently highlighted as some of “America’s Best Cities For Global Trade,” by Global Trade Magazine. Kansas City, Joplin and St. Louis where each highlighted as models among the top cities in the U.S.

“Kansas City’s focus on international commerce is varied and long-standing,” said the article, which highlighted city programs such as Global Trade Day. While St. Louis was highlighted among the best in the country for site selection.

“St. Louis has done a great job of attracting all types of businesses, big and small, and meeting their needs,” the team at Global Trade writes. “But the ones that catch the eye are some big boys: Amazon big enough for you?”

“It has two projects in the works involving more than 500 million square feet of space. Pfizer is building a new $200 million research and development center and, biggest of all, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency’s rather massive headquarters is being built at a cool cost of $1.7 billion.”

Joplin, Missouri, with its population at just over 50,000, was listed among the top 10 cities in the U.S. that are turning heads.

“Joplin has done an exceptional job of keeping local businesses informed and able to access all programs and incentives to help them get their products overseas,” according to the article.

And this recognition isn’t new for Missouri. Cities and towns across Missouri have regularly been the location of choice for many foreign-owned companies looking to enter the US market or expand to a location that allows them to reach all of North America effectively and efficiently. Some of the recent international companies to expand in Missouri include CertainTeed, Pomerol Partners, Hartmann US and Nammo AS.

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