The USS Missouri Represents the Pride & Innovation of Those Who Call Missouri Home.


(U.S. Navy photo/Released)

The USS Missouri, a Virginia-class attack submarine, is the latest in a long series of storied U.S. Naval ships to bear the name of the Show Me State.

(U.S. Navy photo/Released)

The 337-foot vessel is crewed by 135 submariners working and resting in eight hour shifts, on six-month deployments where they regularly spend more than 160 out of 180 days underwater, with little to no contact home.

The Missouri recently went underway in the Atlantic Ocean to perform a routine exercise and cameras were given extensive access to see how the crew live and work onboard the sub.

The Missouri is the first ship to bear the name of the Show Me State since the battleship USS Missouri, which during World War II was used as the site of the official surrender of the Empire of Japan. These ships help make up a part of the select few which have represented Missouri and the hard working and innovative talent and businesses that call the state home.