We Are Thankful For Missouri’s World-Class Workforce

Tomorrow, people across the nation will sit down to enjoy a feast and share what it is they are most thankful for. And so in the spirit of Thanksgiving we would like to take a moment and give thanks to something very special to all of us… Missouri’s world-class talent.

With more than 3 million educated workers Missouri’s talent pool is deep, specialized and experienced in our state’s key growth areas including advanced manufacturing, agtech, logistics and more. If you are looking for hard working, highly skilled and available talent – look no farther than Missouri.

Our trained and skilled workforce is creative and innovative with a strong pro-business work ethic, a deep and educated agricultural heritage and a strong financial and technology acumen. And our colleges specialize in training our workforce for medical research, cybersecurity, financial services, plant science and more.

In Missouri we understand that an educated and trained workforce is essential to success. As a result, Missouri offers traditional and non-traditional training options for workers and companies that allows employers to recruit a workforce that is customized to fit their needs.

Home to more than 80 certified work ready communities, Missouri employees are hard working, conscientious, engage in workforce training opportunities and have a proven ability to adjust to technology and workforce evolution.

So as you sit down to a heaping plate of Thanksgiving foods remember to give thanks to the world-class talent that calls Missouri home.

For more information on Missouri’s highly skilled workforce check out our webpage or contact Steve Johnson, CEO of Missouri Partnership, at 314.725.2688 or via our contact form, with any questions you might have, and learn how Missouri Partnership can help with your business expansion and investment needs.

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