St. Louis data center XIOLINK uses 55 percent less power than average data center

Managed hosting and colocation company XIOLINK says it’s downtown data center, at 1111 Olive St., uses 55 percent less power to cool its facility than the average enterprise data center.
Mike Palmer, the chief technology officer for data center company XIOLINK, said the New York Times story cast the industry in a bad light and missed some important distinctions.

Instead of using up to 40 smaller cooling units per floor like other data centers, Palmer said XIOLINK uses six larger and more efficient units.

And when the temperature outside reaches 65 degrees and has less than 60 percent humidity, XIOLINK automatically turns off its chillers and pulls air in from the outside.

“We can do that in St. Louis for about 45 percent of the year,” Palmer said.

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