Site Selection Magazine: Agtech Central

Agtech, the intersection of agriculture and technology, includes research into plants and animals and the development of machines and chemicals to improve farming. Simple enough, at least by definition, But in practice, agtech requires deep dives into disciplines as esoteric and wide-ranging as plant genomics, digital data collection and management, infectious diseases, biotechnology, seed development, renewable energy and even drone technology.

Peel away at agtech’s many layers, and much of what you’ll see occurs within a few square miles of St. Louis, Missouri. That is according a new article by Site Selection Magazine.

“No other metro area in the world,” reads a recent market assessment by the Brookings Institution, “can boast the scope and expertise of St. Louis’ agtech/food tech sector.” St. Louis, says Brookings, is uniquely positioned to promote itself as the “global bio solutions epicenter.”

Check out the full article from Site Selection Magazine here.

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