Could reshoring be the key to America’s resurgence?


‘What if the age of offshoring has come to an end?’ asks Steve Johnson, CEO of Missouri Partnership. ‘What if the global market is adjusting so that reshoring (or keeping production in the US to begin with) makes the most financial sense?’

That’s the conclusion companies like Carrier, Ford, Trans-Lux, Sprint, and Farouk Systems have reached after evaluating the total cost of ownership. Big changes have led companies to adjust their approaches to manufacturing …

… Businesses with overseas locations are rapidly transitioning production back to the US. Facilities are popping up in every region, including Missouri, which recently became the 28th “right to work” state, a key consideration for some overseas companies.

This migration seems poised to lead to a resurgence in American manufacturing prosperity, paving a road to its roots as a center of successful innovation and enterprise.

Read the full reshoring article from The Manufacturer here.

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