API Innovation Center in St. Louis Achieves Milestone in Developing Technology for U.S. Production of Lomustine, a Crucial Cancer Medication

API Innovation Center (APIIC), a non-profit organization dedicated to enabling the delivery of market-competitive commercial supply of U.S.-made active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to address national health security, announced a breakthrough in technology that will bring production of lomustine, an important cancer drug to the U.S. 

The Lomustine Project, the organization’s initial project, aimed to address shortages and affordability issues of lomustine for glioblastoma patients in the U.S.

The groundbreaking achievement allows for a U.S.-produced source of generic lomustine, a leading chemotherapy treatment for brain cancer that previously required ingredients only available off U.S. shores. 

Achieving its commitment to enhancing the availability of high-quality generic medications for cancer patients through innovative manufacturing methods, APIIC will work with Apertus Pharmaceuticals to produce lomustine in Missouri. 

According to the press release, “Apertus will adopt the continuous flow advanced biomanufacturing solutions funded by the API Innovation Center and developed by the organization’s key research members.”

The collaboration highlights Missouri’s dedication to bioscience, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing and further secures its position as a hub for essential pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

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