New Geospatial Partnership Announced in St. Louis, Missouri

T-REX, an innovation and entrepreneurship center in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, has teamed up with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), an international geospatial organization, to form a partnership focused on providing its startups with more resources and greater visibility.

OGC CEO Nadine Alameh said her organization found the partnership attractive because “St. Louis is becoming the Silicon Valley” for geospatial technology. She said T-REX provides a key hub to connect with St. Louis startups and organizations that could play a role in its work developing industry standards.

“We wanted to be a part of that community to bring the global community to St. Louis via T-REX,” Alameh said.

The new partnership is the latest initiative undertaken by T-REX in recent years as part of its effort to boost St. Louis’ burgeoning geospatial technology sector. The partnership is designed to bring organizations together to collaborate on events and projects to boost geospatial technology development.

“The important thing for T-REX in this relationship is that it gives our startups the education and the international visibility that they need to execute their mission,” said Mark Tatgenhorst, T-REX’s Geospatial Program Director. “It really will help springboard our startups into Europe and Asia, where (OGC) is well connected. But also, for startups in Asia and Europe to springboard into St. Louis.”

Through the partnership, T-REX and OGC will work together to stage seminars, conferences, and research and development projects. Additionally, OGC will have space in T-REX’s Geospatial Innovation Center that it plans to use to host workshops, networking, and innovation and R&D activities.

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