New company supporting non-GMO production opens Missouri processing facility


Malden Specialty Soy, LLC announces plans to invest $2.2M in a new facility for processing non-GMO soybeans in Southeast Missouri

Malden, MO, September 28, 2015 — Increased consumer demand for NON-GMO products is creating new opportunities for local farmers and businesses in the agriculture industry. Malden Specialty Soy, LLC has just announced plans to build a new facility targeted at processing NON-GMO soybeans in southeast Missouri. The $2.2 million investment will provide local processing solutions for NON-GMO soybeans to create soybean meal for animal feed and soybean oil for a variety of uses including food and cosmetics.

“By focusing exclusively on NON-GMO soybeans, our plant will support a growing market while bringing new opportunities to local agriculture. As consumer demand for NON-GMO products grow, more facilities are needed to scale up production. This facility will allow us to fill a much needed gap that will enable farmers to successfully meet consumer demand while growing our local economy,” says Kade McBroom, President.

The food chain requires row crop farmers, livestock farmers, and processors to make feed ingredients. The new Malden Specialty Soy facility will utilize the large quantity of NON-GMO soybeans currently being grown in SE Missouri while providing a local solution to processing the soybeans into non-GMO feed and offer premium opportunities to farmers.


About Malden Specialty Soy, LLC: Malden Specialty Soy, LLCwas founded in 2015. Today, MSS is owned and operated by farmers dedicated to bringing non-GMO production opportunities to Missouri and the surrounding areas. MSS is the only farmer owned and operated processing facility in the state of Missouri focused on non-GMO production.