Missouri’s High School Apprenticeship Programs Aim to Ready Students for Workforce While Filling Skills Gap

Apprenticeship programs have gained recognition for their effectiveness in bridging the gap between education and the formalized training required for various careers. Many technical jobs in Missouri’s key industries require specialized skills and knowledge that are best acquired through hands-on experience and mentorship. 

One of Missouri’s newer high school apprenticeship programs was recently recognized by Missouri Governor Mike Parson. He visited the school in August to learn more about how the program aims to ready students for the workforce while helping to solve the skills gap for technical jobs. 

Through the Zumwalt Apprenticeships program, O’Fallon and St. Peters high school students have the opportunity to learn hands-on skills and gain real-world experience while also receiving classroom instruction. This combination helps students become better prepared for success in their chosen careers.

Fort Zumwalt schools offer apprenticeship courses that allow students to learn about occupations that align with their goals. They then have the opportunity to apply to the partner companies and are required to have instructor recommendations and a formal interview for the position. 

Students hired through the Zumwalt Apprenticeships program will be registered with the U.S. Department Of Labor’s Recognized Apprenticeship Program to earn college credit towards an apprenticeship certification through St. Charles Community College. Program staff is available for guidance throughout the entire process. 

Through the Zumwalt Apprenticeships program, students can gain hands-on experience in the following occupations:

  • Commercial Cabinet Assembler 
  • Machine Operator 
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician 
  • Production Technologist 
  • Assembler Installer General
  • IT Generalist 
  • Health Support Specialist/ Medication Aide or Rehabilitative Aide
  • Health Support Specialist/Culinary or Environmental Services

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