Missouri’s Ag Exports Top $2.28 Billion


Missouri crop and livestock diversity, abundant water supply and rich soil provide a solid, statewide foundation to the AgTech and food processing ecosystems and are key aspects in why Missouri is the global leader in AgTech.

Add to these foundational pieces the globally-connected infrastructure that move more than 475 million tons of commodities via river, 430 million tons via rail, and 400 million tons via road, and you can see how Missouri can get products to market quickly and efficiently from what is becoming known as North America’s Distribution Center.

In 2014, Missouri sent $2.28 billion of agricultural products around the world. Mexico purchased $973 million, $410 million was bought by Canada, $260 million by Japan, $159 million by the EU, and $81 million by China. Today, nearly 50% of all Missouri soybeans and 80% of Missouri cotton are exported.

Missouri’s $9.5 billion agricultural industry reaches around the world. Missouri is the home of leading AgTech organizations, including the Danforth Plant Science Center, Monsanto, the Missouri Botanical Garden, Yield Lab, DuPont, BASF, Bunge, KWS and many more.

In Missouri, the future of agriculture and AgTech is happening today. Big data, smart farming, input optimization, precision ag, biologicals, breeding, green chemistry, green pharmaceuticals … it’s all growing right here.