Missouri’s Aerospace Industry Soars as Boeing Plans $1.8 Billion Expansion

Just as we’re seeing more and more investment by building materials and food production companies in Missouri, Boeing turns our attention back to aerospace with plans for a $1.8 billion project set to create 500 jobs.

Boeing T-X Trainers are Made in Missouri

Boeing is Missouri’s largest manufacturer and the second-largest defense contractor in the country. The company plans to significantly expand its operations in north St. Louis County with a $1.8 billion investment supporting new aerospace programs. The project will involve the construction of buildings totaling one million square feet in St. Louis County. It is anticipated that this expansion will create 500 new jobs over the course of several years.

More than 16,000 highly-skilled workers in Missouri are employed in building advanced military jets at Boeing’s facilities, in addition to producing various military ordinance and commercial composite parts. The state hosts more than 100 aerospace manufacturing companies that contribute to cutting-edge innovation across the industry.

Missouri’s legacy in advanced manufacturing is rooted in aerospace and military aviation, but recently we’ve seen remarkable investment from manufacturers in building materials: Carlisle Construction Materials and James Hardie, as well as food production: Swift Prepared Foods and American Foods Group. The diverse new growth in Missouri’s manufacturing sector, with continued investment from legacies like Boeing, is a testament to the state’s outstanding business friendliness and talent pool.

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