Missouri Wins 2018: Spanish Company Chooses Missouri For U.S. Headquarters

All month long Missouri Partnership is taking a look back at some of Missouri’s biggest stories in economic development from the past year, and today we are taking a look back at BH North America Corporation’s headquarters relocation to Missouri.

In May, BH North America Corporation, a Spanish-owned premium fitness equipment, bicycle and garage cabinetry company, relocated its US headquarters from California to St. Charles, Missouri. The move brings 50 new jobs to the region.

“Missouri is perfectly positioned at the intersection of the east-west and north-south shipping corridors,” said Dan Foust, president and CEO of BH North America. “We can ship products anywhere in the US in a couple of days and eliminate a lot of waste in rent and taxes. This strategic location and cost savings will allow us to innovate, invest in our people and increase our competitiveness in the marketplace.”

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