Missouri University, Energy Solutions Companies Partner On Energy Storage Project

Missouri University of Science and Technology is partnering with Northstar Batteries and EnerSys, two energy solutions companies with operations in Missouri, on a research project that could make it easier for homes to run exclusively on renewable energy. The two companies each made prototype lead acid batteries designed to store energy that comes from solar power, which will be used at two houses in Missouri S&T’s Eco Village.

“Storage is critical when you are using solar and wind,” said Mehdi Ferdowsi, professor of electrical and computer engineering. “You get a wind gust, you have a lot of power that a wind generator can generate, but people don’t want to necessarily use it at that time, so you actually have to store it somewhere.”

Frank Fleming, special technical advisor at Northstar, said making the advancements practical for homeowners is the goal, and that if the tests go well, this kind of setup could be available to consumers in five years.

“I think of this as going in at the neighborhood level, where groups of houses are run primarily on renewable energy and are connected to centralized batteries,” Fleming said.

Missouri is home to leading developers and producers of batteries and energy storage for the defense, space, automotive and consumer industries. Our next-generation battery manufacturers take advantage of our location, extensive logistics infrastructure, and ample raw material and talent, making it simple and efficient for them to reach the world with energy-related products. And Missouri’s low cost of energy, combined with our competitive costs of living and doing business, positions Missouri as a prime location for manufacturers and innovators across the energy storage sector.

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