Missouri Tech Startup Expands, Brings World-class Training to Missouri Talent


Missouri-based tech startup Varsity Tutors opened their new 20,000 square foot facility in Clayton, Missouri, on June 16, with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Varsity Tutors, is an online learning platform that connects students and professionals with personalized instruction, and has connected more than 50,000 students and professionals with more than 20,000 instructors since it was founded in 2007. To date, users have accessed more than 1 million hours of live instruction.

This level of professional development means more highly trained, highly skilled and top-tier candidates entering and bolstering Missouri’s already world-class workforce.

The expansion marks a $5 million investment by Varsity Tutors, and is expected to create more than 150 new jobs.

“Companies like Varsity Tutors are both a product of and an asset for Missouri’s rich entrepreneurial environment,” said Gov. Jay Nixon. “The state is incredibly proud of its partnership with Varsity Tutors and the company’s commitment to the St. Louis area. Expansions like this ensure Missouri remains a prime destination for tech and innovation.”

Missouri’s St. Louis and Kansas City regions were recently named the number 1 and number 10 cities, respectively, in the U.S. for fastest-growing startup scenes in the tech sector.

Missouri’s IT hub benefits from low operating costs, turnkey communications infrastructure and efficient access to global data markets via convenient fiber, while its stable and unique natural environment makes it a safe place to store data.