Missouri: Continued Growth, Innovation and Workforce Training

The Show Me state’s economy continues to show strong growth for high tech jobs and other core industries. In the past 18 months employers have created more than 26,000 new jobs in the state, outpacing the national job growth rate, according to a new article from Business Xpansion Journal.

The latest challenge in fact is not demand, but rather supply. In late spring the Hawthorn Foundation, the Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Department of Higher Education launched Talent for Tomorrow, an initiative that will fundamentally reset Missouri’s approach to meeting the state’s workforce needs.

“Ensuring that our economy has available, productive and talented workers is the single most important factor for success in economic development. Our businesses will thrive and Missouri will be more competitive if we attract, retain, and grow our workforce,” Director of Missouri’s Department of Economic Development Rob Dixon said. The initiative will produce an assessment of how the state’s current workforce aligns with employer needs, look at different economic scenarios to help build a workforce system that can adapt as the economy evolves, and identify a pilot project.

Check out the full article from Business Expansion Journal here.

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