Missouri Healthcare Workers Turn to Telehealth Program to Fight COVID-19

More than 100 doctors and nurses across Missouri are connecting virtually to listen to expert advice on how to stop the spread of COVID-19. The ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) program is open to health care providers in Missouri and features the expertise of a multidisciplinary team

The University of Missouri School of Medicine’s Missouri Telehealth Network is hosting a weekly COVID-19 ECHO through the Show-Me ECHO platform. Show-Me ECHO is a state-funded telehealth project operated by the Missouri Telehealth Network at the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

“It benefits patients throughout the state by providing access to the latest evidence and best practices for identifying and treating patients who present with symptoms of COVID-19 or who test positive for the virus,” said Missouri Telehealth Network Senior Medical Director Karen Edison, MD. “This Show-Me ECHO program will also benefit hospitals and clinics as they work to prepare for more such cases. Ongoing tele-mentoring for clinicians in urban and rural Missouri will give us our best chance to work together to limit the spread of this virus and save lives.”

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