Missouri Company Wins $26.6 Million NASA Contract

There is a rich history of Missouri-made technology journeying into outer space. From the Mercury Space program to the high-tech batteries that power NASA’s Curiosity rover currently on Mars. Now NASA has turned to Missouri talent once again at Boeing’s Defense Space & Security division in St. Louis to develop a prototype High Performance Spaceflight Computing Processor, or Chiplet.

According to a NASA release, the contract for the development of the prototype Chiplet devices includes: packaged parts and bare die; a Chiplet behavioral model; Chiplet Evaluation Boards; and System Software. The contract runs from March 2017 through December 2020, and is valued at $26.6 million.

“The Chiplet will provide game-changing improvements in computing performance, power efficiency, and flexibility, which will significantly improve the onboard processing capabilities of future NASA and U.S. Air Force space missions,” NASA said in a statement. “Candidate applications that can benefit from the Chiplet range from onboard autonomy and astronaut assistance, to high bandwidth sensor data processing.”

The Chiplets will each contain eight general-purpose processing cores in a dual quad-core configuration, along with interfaces to memory and peripheral devices. They are expected to have the flexibility to tailor performance, power consumption, and fault tolerance to meet a wide variety of mission needs.

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