Missouri Certified Sites: Driving Economic Success Through Strategic Development

Missouri’s Certified Sites Program provides consistent standards regarding the availability and development potential of commercial and industrial sites. Since its inception more than a decade ago, 39 sites in Missouri have been certified. The Missouri Department of Economic Development recently reported that 10 sites have sold since the program began – a key indicator of its success.

The certification of a site is performed through a comprehensive review of items including:

  • Availability of utilities
  • Site access
  • Environmental concerns
  • Land use conformance
  • Potential site development costs

Certified Sites reduce a company’s risk and expedite construction by providing upfront and consistent information for use in site selection.

Established with the goal of providing prospective businesses with pre-qualified, investment-ready sites, the Missouri Certified Sites Program has become instrumental in positioning the state as a prime destination for companies seeking efficient and reliable site selection processes. The program’s effectiveness is evident with 10 sites successfully transitioning from certification to sale.

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