Missouri-based AgTech Firm Launches Cloud Biology Software


Benson Hill Biosystems, a Missouri-based AgTech firm located in the Helix Center Biotech Incubator, has launched its cloud biology software, called CropOS, which can be used to dramatically accelerate plant genomics innovation and the development of improved crops.

CropOS employs cloud biology, a cloud-based software that relies on big data and biological science, to tackle problems such as increasing a crop’s metabolism to improve crop yield.  It will allow for users to pinpoint which seeds will produce a desired set of traits, allowing researchers to bypass multiple generations of experimentation.

Additionally CropOS will use machine learning to grow smarter and make better decisions with each new input from experimenters and analysts around the globe, allowing for increasingly sophisticated research over time that would be otherwise unavailable.

Missouri is the global leader in AgTech and the gateway to the future of advanced farming, leading the way with innovative technology and research that is transforming agriculture.