Missouri Attractions Named Best In U.S.

One of the most important factors to consider when expanding your business in a new location, at least for your future employees, is quality of life. Factors such as housing costs and quality of the healthcare available are important in drawing in new talent to an area.

Missouri’s low cost of living, natural environment, history and culture, and abundance of local attractions provide our residents with fun and excitement all year round. In fact, Missouri’s Wonders of Wildlife and St. Louis Zoo were each recently highlighted as the best new and free attractions, respectively, in America.

Wonders of Wildlife, located in Springfield, Missouri, was recently named “2017’s Best New Attraction,” by USA Today. Wonders of Wildlife was founded by Johnny Morris, CEO of Bass Pro Shops, and celebrates hunting, fishing and stewardship of the land and water through 1.5 miles of immersive galleries featuring 4D dioramas and a new aquarium.

And the fun doesn’t stop there in Missouri. USA Today named St. Louis Zoo “America’s Best Free Attraction,” for the second year in a row. The website also named the 90-acre zoo the “Best U.S. Zoo” in 2017. The St. Louis Zoo exhibits more than 600 species of animals representing every continent and major biome on the planet.

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