Missouri and Kansas City make the top 10 in Business Facilities’ 2015 Business and Economic Rankings


Missouri was ranked in the top 10 in three different business and economic categories by Business Facilities Magazine’s 2015 Business and Economic State Rankings. Missouri was ranked 6th in Best Infrastructure, 6th in Lowest Industrial Electricity Rates, and 6th in Workforce Training. The rankings confirm Missouri’s place as a premier business location with a talented workforce, low business costs, and high quality infrastructure to get access to the market quickly.

Kansas City, MO was also ranked as a top metro, coming in at 1st for Fastest Broadband by Business Facilities Magazine’s 2015 Business and Economic Metro and Global Rankings. Kansas City beat out other top tier Metros like Austin, TX and New York, NY. With high speed internet access becoming ever more important to business and entrepreneurial success, Missouri and especially Kansas City show why there is no better place than the Show-Me State for business investment.

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