Missouri Agtech Company Named Among Top Employers For 11th Consecutive Year

Science Magazine named Missouri’s Monsanto Co. a top 20 employer for the 11th consecutive year. Monsanto ranked No. 18 on Science Magazine’s 2017 Science and Science Careers’ Annual Top Employer Survey.

“What a testament to the passion, dedication, and innovative spirit our employees bring to work every day,” said Robb Fraley, Ph.D., chief technology officer for Monsanto. “This achievement is yet another reason to celebrate the great success our company saw in fiscal year 2017. We are honored to be recognized.”

The 2017 Science and Science Careers survey rankings were based on responses from nearly 7,000 people that reside in North America, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific Rim who work in the science industry, academia, and are readers of Science Magazine. Participants were asked to rate companies on 23 characteristics that included financial strength, work place culture, and a research driven environment.

Monsanto Co., ranked highly as an innovative leader in the industry and for the loyalty of its employees. You can check out the full survey here.

The use of drones, satellites and data is transforming farming as we know it. Missouri companies, like Monsanto’s Climate Corporation, are leading the way in investment and innovation in advanced farming. Big data, smart farming, input optimization, precision ag, prescription ag, biologicals, breeding, green chemistry, green pharmaceuticals – it’s all growing right here.

And its not just technology that makes Missouri the global agtech leader, its also our world-class talent. Universities across the state offer advanced plant science degrees and Missouri is home to the highest concentration of plant science PhDs in the world.

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