Missouri Adds More Than 1,300 New Jobs Throughout The State

Building on Missouri’s growing pro-business momentum, the Missouri Department of Economic Development celebrated 15 additional businesses embarking on expansions across the state, in addition to those that were highlighted last week by Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. In total, all of these businesses are expected to create 1,391 new jobs for Missouri families.

“It’s time for Missouri to do different in our approach to economic development. We are creating new jobs by putting our citizens first,” said Gov. Eric Greitens. “Since day one, our goal has been to get government out of the way so that companies can focus on doing what they do best—creating jobs. We’ve already seen results with more Missourians than ever earning a paycheck. Missouri’s economy is growing stronger, as are the businesses and families that call it home. This is just the beginning.”

Gov. Greitens’ vision is for Missouri to become a “Best in Class” state for business, a top economy, and an entrepreneurial hub that sparks innovation by changing the way government operates. The state is breaking down barriers and making it easier for businesses to grow and create more high-paying private sector jobs for Missouri families.

Last week, Gov. Greitens celebrated this growth by visiting three companies, which together are planning to create 856 new jobs. On top of this good news 15 additional companies across the state are planning to create 535 new jobs in multiple industries including advanced manufacturing, packaging, distribution, pharmaceuticals, architectural/interior design, web and analytics consulting, metal fabrication, finance and more.

In Missouri’s St. Louis region alone, eight companies are planning to create up to 70 new jobs including: PennyMac Financial Services, Inc. with plans to create 155 new jobs; Serioplast US with plans to create up to 70 new jobs; Huvepharma with plans to create 37 new jobs; Italgrani Elevator Company with plans to create up to 25 new jobs; Verve Design Studio with plans to create 10 new jobs; Integrity Web Consulting, Inc. with plans to create 30 new jobs; Mark Andy Inc. with plans to create 10 new jobs; and WB Industries with plans to create 10 new jobs.

While in Missouri’s Kansas City region, three companies are planning to create 65 new jobs including: First Mortgage Solutions, LLC with plans to create 17 new jobs in Kansas City; Premium Waters with plans to create 38 new jobs in Riverside; and Evolytics with plans to create 10 new jobs in Parkville.

Additionally, Earth-to-Go plans to create 70 new jobs in Waynesville, Missouri; Columbia Safety and Supply plans to create 30 new jobs in Columbia; Mid-Am Metal Forming, Inc. plans to create 15 new jobs in Rogersville; and Nemo Manufacturing, Inc. plans to create eight new jobs in La Grange.

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