Kansas City Highlighted Among “Future Cities Of The Internet Age”

InternetAssociation.org has highlighted Kansas City, Missouri, as a “Future City of the Internet Age” in a new report. The report, which was produced in partnership with the National League of Cities, examines the current state of ‘new economy’ jobs from the Internet sector in US cities, with the goal of highlighting and drawing lessons from cities that are actively pursuing a greater integration of technology into their economies, environments, and policymaking.

According to the article, Kansas City and the region surrounding it “have gone to great lengths to promote STEM fields and bring in new technology companies through coordinated efforts. Currently, approximately 94,000 area workers are employed in tech-related jobs with about half of those working in the internet sector.”

In 2016, Kansas City claimed the title of “Most Connected City on Earth,” according to the city’s chief innovation officer. The Missouri city claimed the title after Sprint Corporation launched its free Wi-Fi along the city’s new 2.2-mile streetcar route, putting 54 contiguous blocks and more than 22,000 residents within the city’s wireless network.

The Kansas City Region sits on the Missouri River, at the crossroads of four major interstates, three major highways and five Class 1 rail lines, and is served by the Kansas City International Airport. This combination of logistical assets offers direct connections to markets across North America, direct rail to deep water ports in Mexico, and connections to customers around the world.

The Kansas City Region is also in the center of the Animal Health Corridor, a key area of strength for Missouri in the agtech and health innovation sectors. Regional companies represent 56 percent of the worldwide sales of animal health products.

Cerner, Hallmark and H&R Block also call this area home, with more companies joining them all the time, especially in the areas of health innovation, logistics and financial services.

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