Kansas City en route to become the most wired, wireless city in the world


Google will begin testing wireless broadband internet capabilities in Kansas City metro areas via targeted radio spectrums to provide fast, available internet to communities not currently served by Google Fiber.

Four years ago, Google chose Kansas City, Missouri as the platform to launch its high-speed Google Fiber internet service. Now Google has chosen the Missouri city once again to test its wireless broadband capabilities.

Google will begin testing its wireless capabilities via targeted radio spectrums, authorized for use by the Federal Communications Commission, to explore how well the different frequencies can handle video streaming, online video gaming and more.

Google plans to attach wireless antennas to light poles and other structures in eight areas around the city to test how well the broadband would hold up in different locations, both indoors and out.

Additionally, Kansas City was recently named in the top 10 cities in the U.S. for tech startup growth in 2016, and benefits from Missouri’s low operating costs, turnkey communications infrastructure and efficient access to global markets via convenient fiber.