How Missouri Is Making The Hyperloop A Reality

“Elon Musk first publicly sketched out the idea of the Hyperloop seven years ago. Dubbed the fifth mode of transportation (after planes, trains, automobiles and boats), the hyperloop concept was met with excitement and skepticism. But over 100 years earlier, aerospace pioneer Robert Goddard recommended rockets be fired through tubes taking people between cities faster than planes could fly. Maybe Musk wasn’t ahead of his time? Maybe the times are behind the innovation?”

These are some of the question asked in a recent article in the St. Louis Business Journal by the speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives Elijah Haahr.

“So what steps would turn this back of the napkin idea to modern reality? And why should Missouri be the first to take this quantum leap forward in transportation technology?

Missouri has always been the jumping-off point of the exploration of new frontiers. Shortly after being acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, it was St. Charles, Missouri, where Lewis and Clark began their expedition of the new territory. The Pony Express launched in St. Joseph, Missouri, transporting mail to Sacramento. And when the automobile revolutionized the transportation movement, the contracts for the first Interstate highway system were signed in Missouri. The Spirit of St. Louis wasn’t just the name of Charles Lindbergh’s plane. It is emblematic of our state’s devotion to pushing the envelope in transportation.

Today, the goods of our nation pass through Missouri. Moving people and products faster and more efficiently is not just in our blood, it’s good for business. And so our state is taking the lead in pushing the envelope again by investigating and perfecting this idea of the hyperloop.”

Travel time between St. Louis and Kansas City

Check out the full article on bringing the Hyperloop to Missouri here.

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