Highlighting Missouri’s Recent Record-Breaking Investments 

Missouri is fast becoming a preferred destination for global business investments, capturing the attention of international corporations across diverse sectors. Recent headlines underscore the state’s growing appeal as renowned companies establish new facilities in both rural and urban communities across the state.

A recent Expansion Solutions Magazine article highlights Missouri’s latest record-breaking investments, crediting the state’s highly-skilled workforce, central location, and business friendliness in attracting Ace Hardware, Carlisle Construction Materials, and James Hardie to three different corners of the state. 

Missouri’s business-friendly climate, featuring the third-lowest corporate tax rate, low property taxes, and affordability, is complemented by its central U.S. location, offering access to both coasts within a two-day drive—an easy choice for growing companies seeking broad market reach.

Ace Hardware landing in a more urban part of the state and James Hardie and Carlisle Construction Materials selecting more rural areas, shows that large manufacturing, production, and distribution companies can find great talent and an excellent business environment anywhere in Missouri. 
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