Health Innovation Company Expands, Adds 225 Jobs In Kansas City, Missouri

TrialCard, a health innovation company specializing in helping pharmaceutical manufacturers with distribution, payment and patient-support services, announced plans to expand in Kansas City, Missouri. The expansion is expected to create 225 new jobs in Missouri.

“We are pleased to be expanding into Kansas City, a vibrant community made up of thousands of small businesses, tech start-ups, and top-notch health care,” said Mark Bouck, President and CEO of TrialCard.  “A diverse, highly-educated workforce, an affordable cost of living and numerous cultural amenities make Kansas City a very desirable place to live and work.”

Headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina, TrialCard provides a QuickPath Patient Management tool integrated with trusted technology platforms to improve a patient’s journey to health and specialty medicines. Their virtual engagement delivers access to healthcare professionals through successful clinical trials.

The company was attracted to the Kansas City region thanks in part to the area’s tech and startup environment, educated workforce and standard of living.

“The Kansas City region is home to many tech-oriented businesses with a global impact,” said Tim Cowden, president and CEO, Kansas City Area Development Council. “We are thrilled to expand our digital footprint even further with TrialCard.”

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