Geospatial Company Expands In Missouri

Esri, an international supplier of geographic information system software, recently announced that its St. Louis, Missouri, office will triple its current professional services staff to support a growing user base. The expanded office will serve as a central hub for Esri to support users across Missouri and the US.

“When we looked at the best location to support our rapidly expanding user community, St. Louis was the obvious choice,” said Brian Cross, director of Esri Professional Services. “We are happy to serve the vibrant geospatial community in this area and continue our mission to drive impact by supporting our users throughout the region and the US.”

According to the company, the decision to create expanded capabilities in St. Louis emerged from the area’s recent growth and transformation into a strong center of professional excellence and innovation in the geospatial sector. Esri intends to partner closely with local universities to create opportunities to help students access the latest technology and cutting-edge applications, and to create employment opportunities with the market leader in geospatial software and services.

Geospatial analysis and cybersecurity are emerging sectors in Missouri, with solid foundations due to the presence of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and their thousands of employees. Twenty-two colleges across Missouri have cybersecurity programs, and many are also engaged in research related to cybersecurity.

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