Food Solutions Company Opening New Plant In Missouri, Bringing 200+ Jobs

Ajinomoto Windsor Inc., a leading company in the frozen food industry, is opening its new, state-of-the-art, coated appetizer manufacturing and R&D facility in Joplin, Missouri. The new plant will allow the company to increase capacity while maintaining strict quality standards, and is expected to bring between 220-240 new jobs to the community.

“We are excited to be opening our new production facility in Joplin, Missouri, in early 2018,” said Chris Meyer, Senior Vice President, Business Development at Ajinomoto Windsor. “This will allow us to not only support the growing needs of our customers, but also lead the industry in coated appetizer solutions,”

The Joplin facility will feature cutting edge equipment, expanded innovation capabilities, and enhanced food safety, while allowing the company to significantly boost production.

Missouri’s robust food production sector includes more than 300 companies, with the capacity for many more, due to Missouri’s leading role in agricultural products including rice, soybeans, corn, sorghum, cattle, turkeys and hogs. And Missouri gives food producers rapid access to global markets, extensive distribution options, a friendly regulatory environment and a diverse customer base.

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