Director Of Economic Development Joins Missouri Hyperloop Coalition

Missouri’s Director of Economic Development Rob Dixon has joined the Missouri Hyperloop Coalition, a public-private partnership dedicated to evaluating the construction of a Hyperloop route linking Kansas City, Columbia, and St. Louis along the I-70 corridor. The Missouri Hyperloop Coalition is comprised of Missouri Department of Transportation, the St. Louis Regional Chamber, the KC Tech Council, the University of Missouri System and the Missouri Innovation Center in Columbia.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Hyperloop Coalition, because this is the kind of bold idea that could help our state reach a new level,” said Dixon. “Missouri has an opportunity to be at the leading edge of some of the most advanced transportation technology being discussed anywhere in the world today. Innovative thinking like this has been a part of Missouri’s story throughout our history, and it should be a part of our future.”

Travel time between St. Louis and Kansas City

Hyperloop One is a private company with the mission of transforming transportation through its ultra-fast Hyperloop system. The tube-based autonomous transportation system uses electric propulsion to accelerate pods that levitate slightly above the track, thanks to strategically placed magnets that create magnetic fields. Additionally, it can leverage renewable energy, such as wind, solar and kinetic energy, to operate. The system would offer on-demand service, departing stations as often as every 20 seconds.

“The Missouri Hyperloop Coalition has demonstrated the power of bringing business, academic, and government leaders together to make sure Missouri is in the forefront of innovation and transportation technology, ” said Dan Katz, VP of US Projects and Global Policy for Virgin Hyperloop One. “The addition of Missouri Director of Economic Development Rob Dixon to the coalition will help ensure that Hyperloop is explored not just as a transportation mode, but also as an economic engine for the state.”

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