CNN Names Missouri Zoo Among “Top Places To Travel For Spring of 2019”

One of the most important factors to consider when expanding your business in a new location, at least for your future employees, is quality of life. Factors such as housing costs and quality of the healthcare available are important in drawing in new talent to an area.

Missouri’s low cost of living, natural environment, history and culture, and abundance of local attractions provide our residents with fun and excitement all year round. In fact, the St. Louis Zoo has been named among the “top places to travel for the spring of 2019” by CNN.

“Even if you miss the opening game of the Cardinals, spring is the season for zoo babies and 10 ungulate calves — think Bambi — are now on view,” said the article. “Look for three baby Speke’s Gazelles, two Addaxes, a Soemmerring’s Gazelle, two Lesser Kudus and two Lowland Nyalas. Don’t miss Nova, a Grevy’s Zebra foal born New Year’s Eve, who likes to appear in the Red Rocks exhibit when the weather is good.”

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