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Employment at Record High as More Companies Choose Missouri Talent

Employment numbers reached a record high in Missouri with more than 2.8 million employed across the state in October. Missouri added more than 9,300 jobs during the month and saw the ... Read More

Charter Communications Continues To See Growth In Missouri

Charter Communications is expanding their footprint in Missouri creating more than 100 new jobs at their St. Ann customer operations center, in St. Louis. Charter currently employs more than 4,000 people in ... Read More

Cerner Plans Additional $35 Million Expansion In Missouri

Cerner, a Missouri-based health care information technology company, announced plans to expand their North Kansas City headquarters campus. The new expansion comes as Cerner is working to complete a $4.45 billion ... Read More

Do You Know Missouri’s Joplin Region?

When you ask most people to think of Joplin, Missouri, many think of the devastating tornado that ravaged the region just over five years ago, and the images of the businesses ... Read More

Missouri’s Cortex Innovation Community Is Bringing The Jobs Of Tomorrow, Today

Have you heard about Missouri’s Cortex Innovation Community? Chances are if you live outside of St. Louis the innovation center, located in the city’s Central West End, and its coming expansion ... Read More

Cushman & Wakefield Expands In Missouri, Adds 600 New Jobs

Cushman & Wakefield U.S. Inc., a global leader in commercial real estate services, plans to locate its new 90,000 sq. ft. office in Town and Country, a suburb of St. Louis, ... Read More

Jim McKelvey Talks About Square – Past, Present and Future

Jim McKelvey, who cofounded Square with Twitter’s Jack Dorsey in St. Louis, Missouri, talks about how Square began, the talent challenges and solutions, and the impact of the Cortex Innovation Community ... Read More

How Missouri is Filling the Talent Pipeline

In Missouri, we are aggressively filling our talent pipeline in new and creative ways. And a lot of that is thanks to Jim McKelvey.  Missouri is proud of McKelvey, and Jack ... Read More

Missouri Financial Services Company Named In Top 5 US Workplaces

Veterans United Home Loans, a Missouri-based full-service VA lender, has been named the fifth best workplace in the country in Great Place To Work and Fortune’s “30 Best Workplaces in Financial ... Read More

Virgin Mobile Selects Kansas City As Site For New Headquarters

Virgin Mobile, a major mobile communications company has selected Kansas City, Missouri, as the site for its new headquarters. Virgin Mobile cited the region’s talented workforce as the primary factor for ... Read More