Boeing Opens New Missouri Lab Focused On Drone Technology


Missouri-based Boeing Defense, Space and Security opened its new 81,000 square-foot Collaborative Autonomous Systems Laboratory, nicknamed “the Castle,” in St. Charles, Missouri, as a testing site for autonomous drone technology.

The research lab is part of the Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T)-Missouri research center, and is one of BR&T’s 11 research centers around the world. The center focuses on innovation and testing in the use of autonomous drone technology that can communicate with fellow drones and ground-based robots, as well as humans on the ground.

The US is the world’s largest aerospace producer and Missouri has a rich history in aerospace, from Charles Lindbergh, to the Mercury space program, to the latest in aerospace innovation. Today, that cutting edge innovation continues with more than 70 companies across Missouri, including Boeing, leading the way in every aspect of military aviation and equipment. Missouri talent builds the F/A-18, EA-18 and F-15 fighter jets, along with a huge array of military ordinance.