Artificial Intelligence Startup Expands In Missouri, Adds 10 Jobs

Volley, a Silicon Valley-based artificial intelligence startup that uses machine learning to help businesses train employees, recently expanded with a new office in St. Louis, Missouri. The expansion is expected to ad 10 new jobs to the region.

Volley CTO and co-founder Carson Kahn said the company would like to eventually expand the St. Louis office to somewhere between 10 and 40 employees, and that Volley is probably looking at the second or third quarter of 2019 for that growth.

“We would like to bring best of Silicon Valley closer to St. Louis,” said Kahn.

Volley has raised a total $7.3 million, according to Crunchbase. Investors include JP Morgan, Zuckerberg Ventures, TAL Education Group and current and former executives from companies including Goldman Sachs, Apple, Facebook, Udemy and Dropbox.

Missouri’s tech hub benefits from low operating costs, turnkey communications infrastructure and efficient access to global data markets via convenient fiber, while organizations like LaunchCode and Claim Academy are delivering IT talent at an accelerated rate.

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