Spanish Engineering Firm Chooses Missouri for US HQ, Creates 20 New Jobs

Hexa Ingenieros, a Spanish engineering services company focused on designing and implementing automation process control and industrial computing services, is entering the U.S. marketplace and establishing its U.S. headquarters in Missouri. The company will operate as Hexa Engineers in the U.S.

Hexa Engineers’ U.S. HQ will be located in the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in St. Louis, Missouri, and they will create 20 new programming and engineering jobs, with hiring beginning in Summer 2018.

“Missouri is fighting for jobs nationally and internationally,” said Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. “We’re glad to include Hexa Engineers on the list of impressive companies who have located their U.S. headquarters right here in our state.”

“We have already spotted many opportunities to enhance American manufacturers’ competitiveness through technologies that have already been successfully implemented in Europe by Hexa Ingenieros, our parent company,” said Javier Diez, manager of Hexa Engineers. “We expect fast growth among customers all across the U.S. due to these good technical references that have been proven in Europe.”

Hexa Ingenieros works with manufacturing companies in a number of industrial sectors including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace and energy, providing digitization solutions in the following broad areas: Process Automation and Control; Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES); Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM); and, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

“Hexa Engineers is a great addition to Missouri, due to their expertise in Missouri’s robust industries,” said Steve Johnson, CEO of Missouri Partnership. “This was a great team effort, and we were honored to work with the Department of Economic Development, the St. Louis Regional Chamber, the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, CIC St. Louis and the Spanish Trade Commissioner’s Office to attract Hexa Engineersto Missouri.”

“CIC is excited to join forces with Missouri Partnership and the Missouri team and be a place where soft landings for international tech companies like Hexa Engineers can be easily orchestrated,” said Kim Plank, General Manager of CIC St. Louis. “We look forward to helping Hexa and their team connect to the extraordinary and fast-growing ecosystem of partners and service providers we have in the St. Louis Region.”

“The St. Louis region should market its technology industry globally as well as nationwide, that’s why we are excited to welcome Hexa Ingenieros and its U.S. headquarters to the St. Louis business community and CIC,” said Tom Chulick, President and CEO, St. Louis Regional Chamber. “We were glad to partner once again with Missouri Partnership to help deliver new jobs and investment to St. Louis.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Hexa to St. Louis,” said Sheila Sweeney, CEO of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership. “St. Louis has been a leader when it comes to innovation. We’ve consistently strived to increase our global footprint by growing the number of foreign countries who do business here. As home to one of the nation’s well-respected innovation districts, we’re happy that Hexa is joining our business community in St. Louis.”

“Missouri Partnership and the Missouri team have always been a reliable partner for us and are very active presenting the advantages of doing business in Missouri. They have been tremendously helpful to Hexa Engineers in their first steps in the state” said Javier Yraola, head of the Trade Commission of Spain in Chicago. “Hexa is the sort of company that Missouri wants to attract, as its technology will help improve the productivity of other Missouri companies in their manufacturing operations.”

Hexa Engineers will conduct all national business development from their St. Louis, Missouri, headquarters.

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