Kraft Heinz Announces Missouri Expansion Win


Kraft Heinz recently announced a new $250 million expansion project for its Kirksville, Missouri, plant calling it a “win” for both the company and the city of Kirksville.

The expanded Kraft Heinz facility will be 450,000 square-feet, up from the current 188,000 square-feet, and plans to add more than 200 new jobs when at full capacity. The plant will add seven new production lines and will be Kraft Heinz’s sole domestic producer of bologna, white round turkey, cotto salami and square-cut ham, and have a combined output of nearly one million packages per day.

Missouri’s robust food production sector includes more than 130 companies, with the capacity for many more, due to Missouri’s leading role in agricultural products including rice, soybeans, corn, sorghum, cattle, turkeys and hogs. Additionally, Missouri gives food producers rapid access to global markets, extensive distribution options, a friendly regulatory environment and a diverse customer base.