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The Missouri Partnership’s staff brings to the table a level of excellence that can’t be beat. We are here to help you streamline the process, whether you are a business leader or a site consultant, because in Missouri, we truly do understand what companies need when considering expansion or entering new markets.

Cara Weber

Vice President, Business Recruitment

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Cathleen Flournoy

VP, Business Recruitment

Cathleen serves as Vice President, Business Recruitment, and leads successful business attraction projects across the state of Missouri.

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Kylee Garretson

Director, Business Recruitment & Capacity Building

Kylee actively manages business attraction projects for Missouri, provides support to the full business recruitment team, and manages Missouri’s capacity building initiatives in communities across the state. You can connect with Kylee at 314.932.3978, or via email or LinkedIn below.

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Deborah Price

VP of Business Recruitment and General Counsel

Focusing mostly in domestic markets as well as South America and Israel, Deborah is generating, cultivating and closing opportunities with companies across multiple industry sectors. As General Counsel, Deborah serves as the Partnership's senior attorney responsible for advising the CEO on legal issues involving organizational operations, contractual and statutory compliance and overall risk management. She is based in the St. Louis office.

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Dennis Pruitt

VP, Business Development

Dennis, who is based in the St. Louis office, works across all industry sectors, working with corporate decision makers to bring new jobs and investment into Missouri. You can connect with Dennis at 314.932.3972 or via email or LinkedIn below.

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Mark Sutherland


Since 1992, Mark Sutherland has led communications in corporate, agency and non-profit environments. Mark was born in Scotland and grew up in Farnborough, England, and today he serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Missouri Partnership, based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Subash Alias


Working primarily out of the St. Louis office, Subash focuses on bringing jobs and investment to Missouri.

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