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Prime Business Location

Missouri is a strategic business location for companies requiring access to all of North America via any mode of transportation.

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Missouri is a global leader in agtech, aerospace and automotive manufacturing, financial services, logistics and transportation and much more.

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data & tools

You buy what you know. Let us introduce you to all the data and tools you need to learn about Missouri, and decide if we are right for your company.

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Recent News

Health Innovation Company Expands In Missouri’s Cortex Innovation Community

January 14, 2019

Ascension Technologies, the technology solutions group for Ascension, a health innovation company, recently expa... Read More

Missouri Companies Continue To Lead The World In Battery Development Industry

January 09, 2019

Missouri is home to leading developers and producers of batteries for the defense, space, automotive, and consum... Read More

Missouri-developed Green Nanotechnology Being Explored In Fight Against Breast Cancer

January 08, 2019

Green nanotechnology developed at the University of Missouri is being used to explore new treatment options for ... Read More

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