Veterans United Named Among “Best Workplaces for Women” In 2021

Columbia, Missouri-based Veterans United Home Loans has been ranked among the “Best Workplaces for Women” in 2021 by Great Place to Work. The Missouri company ranked 45th on the list, and this was its 6th consecutive year on the ranking.

Great Places to Work analyzed survey feedback for more than 4.5 million U.S. employees, with the majority of the ranking based on what women report in a 60-question survey about their workplace and how fairly those experiences compare with men’s reports of the same workplaces.

15 percent of the rank is based on how well represented women are in the company’s workforce and throughout management, taking industry trends into account. To be considered, companies needed to employ at least 50 women, and at least 20 percent of their nonexecutive managers and at least one executive need to be female.

Veterans United has made a reputation as being a highly ranked workplace across multiple categories. In 2021, Veterans United ranked 10th Best Workplace for Millennials, 11th Best Workplace in Financial Services and Insurance, and 33rd Best Fortune 100 Company to Work For.

Veterans United Home Loans is headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, and continues to expand throughout the state. The company recently announced plans to invest in their current operation in Columbia and also open new locations in Jefferson City and St. Louis, adding more than 500 new jobs in the process.

“Providing our employees with a workplace environment in which they can thrive both professionally and personally is a cornerstone of our culture at Veterans United Home Loans,” said Dr. Amanda Andrade, Chief People Officer at Veterans United. “With the pandemic, we have experienced a whole set of unexpected challenges to ensure we are keeping our employees safe while providing the best possible customer service to our borrowers. Maintaining our culture of inclusiveness, even from a social distance, has remained at the forefront of our commitment to our employees.”

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