Verde Resources Continues Growth After Missouri Northeast Expansion


Verde Resources, Inc, has announced a partnership with Green Carbon Industries (GCI), securing exclusive biochar asphalt intellectual property rights and forming an official partnership with Puro.Earth for engineered carbon removal. 

In February of 2022, the St. Louis-based company invested more than $5.6 million in a BioFraction™ Facility in La Belle, Missouri, for its Verde Renewables division. This new partnership is a sign of continued success for Verde Resources Inc., which is pioneering sustainable agriculture technology. 

The new partnership with Green Carbon Industries aims to demonstrate the feasibility and scalability of biochar asphalt for carbon sequestration, revolutionizing infrastructure development and addressing environmental concerns. 

Biochar asphalt utilizes carbon-rich material from organic waste to reduce emissions and carbon footprints in construction, while generating CO2 Removal Credits for broader climate technology adoption. This partnership reinforces Verde’s commitment to sustainable solutions and accelerates the global shift to a carbon-neutral future.

To learn more about this initiative, read the full press release here.