U.S. Navy Continues to Grow Missouri’s Military Supply Chain


Earlier this week, Missouri-based defense contractor Arnold Defense announced they had been awarded a U.S. Navy contract for several hundred rocket launchers and related equipment worth more than $19 million. This followed the recent announcement that Boeing was awarded an $898 million contract to build 15 additional EA-18G Growler fighter jets.

The U.S. is the world’s largest aerospace producer and Missouri has a rich history in aerospace, from Charles Lindbergh, to the Mercury space program, to the latest in aerospace innovation. Today, that cutting edge innovation continues with companies across Missouri – including Boeing, LMI Aerospace, PAS Technologies and Arnold Defense – leading the way in every aspect of military aviation and equipment.

“Our top priority is protecting today’s warfighters,” Jim Hager, President and CEO of Arnold Defense, said. “We are proud to continue our partnership with the U.S. Navy. Our team promises to deliver the highest quality rocket launchers, on-time and on budget to the fleet.”

Since 1961, Arnold Defense has manufactured more than 1.1 million rocket launchers for the U.S. military and allied nations. Arnold Defense is the world’s largest supplier of 2.75-inch rocket launchers.

Missouri is a top ten state for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness according to a 2015 report by PwC, and a proven center for advanced manufacturing excellence, supported by a cost-competitive, pro-business and innovative environment, exceptional talent, extensive training programs, access to raw materials and a globally connected infrastructure. Currently more than 74,000 Missourians are employed in aerospace and defense manufacturing jobs.

Every year, Missouri exports more than $2.4 billion in advanced manufacturing products to 82 different countries.

For more information of our statewide strength in the aerospace industry you can review our Aerospace Manufacturing Industry Brochure.