Two Companies Expand Underground in Missouri’s Hunt Midwest Subtropolis

As Missouri continues to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic, two companies have decided to expand – underground. Less than a year after locating in SubTropolis, pharmaceutical company Nostrum Laboratories and online retailer FarmFoods have expanded.

The Hunt Midwest SubTropolis is a 55,000,000 square foot manmade limestone cave that has been renovated into an underground business complex offering a safe and secure location for companies to grow.

SubTropolis is the largest underground storage facility in the Midwest, and currently has more than 6 million square feet of space for businesses, with room for up to 8 million more square feet of caves available for expansion. Companies within SubTropolis include Adrian Steel, Knapheide Manufacturing Co., Ground Effects, Midway Ford, Auto Truck Group, AER Manufacturing, Caseco, Grupo Antolin, Leggett & Platt CVP, XPO Logistics and Clore Automotive.

Missouri’s unique underground limestone facilities, including SubTropolis, total more than 30 million square feet of business space and offer natural climate control (60-70 degrees year-round), enhanced security, and ceiling heights from 12-45 feet. Limestone, which is three-times stronger than concrete, also reduces the impact of natural disasters.

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