Two Missouri Cities Ranked Among Best in the U.S. for Remote Workers Who Value Affordability

Two Missouri cities have been named among the 25 best cities in the U.S. for newly remote workers who value affordability, according to Finance Buzz. Kansas City and St. Louis both made the list.

Kansas City, Missouri, topped the list in the number 1 spot, and was highlighted for its low cost of living, above average broadband speeds, and vibrant arts scene. The ranking is the second time in recent weeks that Kansas City has been named among the top cities for remote workers.

St. Louis, Missouri, ranked eighth on the list, and was highlighted for its low cost of living and abundance of green space. The list also highlighted the city’s growing food scene and abundance of family friendly activities.

Finance Buzz weighed numerous factors in ranking its list, including cost of living, Wi-Fi speed, delivery options, parks per capita, proximity to a major airport, and affordability of housing. Check out the full list here.

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