Trans-Lux Chooses Missouri to Reshore Manufacturing from China

Earlier today, Gov. Eric Greitens took to Facebook to announce that Trans-Lux, a global advanced manufacturing company, is creating more than 90 jobs in Missouri as the company reshores their production from China.

“This is a big win for our state and a vote of confidence from the business community,” Gov. Greitens said on Facebook. “In a global economy, we aren’t just competing against other states—we’re in a contest with the rest of the world. I will fight every single day to make sure Missouri is at the top of the list when new jobs are on the table.”

Trans-Lux designs, manufactures, markets and services LED display and lighting solutions for a wide range of business, sports, residential, and government applications. Only Trans-Lux delivers truly integrated LED display and lighting solutions that can transform venues into events with the highest levels of performance and cost-efficiency.

“It’s been an honor to work with Trans-Lux as they evaluated Missouri for their business expansion and reshoring,” Steve Johnson, Missouri Partnership CEO, said. “We are excited that they are now creating jobs in Missouri and taking advantage of Missouri’s strong advanced manufacturing infrastructure, distribution strengths, and talent.”

Trans-Lux has relocated to Aviator Business Park in Hazelwood. The company is leasing 66,000 square-feet of space inside a large warehouse facility.

“Trans-Lux is one of many new businesses choosing Hazelwood. The addition of this profitable company not only strengthens our City’s industrial base, but it’s bringing more good paying jobs to our local workforce as well,” Hazelwood City Manager Matthew Zimmerman said. “Hazelwood is uniquely positioned to welcome these type of companies with the expansion of industrial warehouse space at Aviator Business Park and Hazelwood Logistics Center, as well as Park 370.”

For more on Trans-Lux, watch the video below, and then contact our CEO Steve Johnson to find out how Missouri could be your reshoring destination.