Sal Maniaci

Sal began his career as an urban planner in 2014, first working in Jefferson County, Missouri, and then as department head in Washington, Missouri. In 2017, Sal became the Community and ... Read More

McKenzie Stroot

McKenzie Stroot joined Missouri Partnership in March 2023 and serves as the Digital Content Strategist. McKenzie is responsible for planning and developing digital stories that showcase Missouri as a premier business ... Read More

Zach Hampton

Zach Hampton started at Missouri Partnership in 2022. Today, he serves as the Business Recruitment Associate. Prior to his role at Missouri Partnership, Zach worked at Greater St. Louis Inc., first ... Read More

Ebby Neuner

Ebby Neuner joined Missouri Partnership’s Operations & Administration team full-time in May 2022 after a brief temporary assignment. Prior to her role at Missouri Partnership, Ebby spent numerous years in various ... Read More

Cara Weber

Cara Weber currently serves as Vice President, Special Projects for Missouri Partnership. Cara leads Missouri Partnership’s Shared Services team and provides advanced support to Project Management and Business Development. Cara began ... Read More

Subash Alias

Subash Alias is CEO at Missouri Partnership and has been with the organization since April 2011. He is actively engaged in marketing the state to companies that are considering relocating or ... Read More

Cathleen Flournoy

Cathleen joined Missouri Partnership in January 2020 and serves as Vice President, Business Recruitment. Cathleen leads successful business attraction projects across the state of Missouri. She is the day-to-day contact for ... Read More

Kim Gerlt

Kim Gerlt joined Missouri Partnership in 2021. She serves as the Director, Business Recruitment & Capacity Building. Prior to joining Missouri Partnership, Gerlt worked at The Missouri Bar. She spent most ... Read More

Janelle Higgins

Janelle Higgins joined Missouri Partnership in 2014. She is the Vice President, Marketing & Communications. Janelle is responsible for media outreach, video and visual strategy, and general promotion of Missouri. Prior ... Read More

Leah Hill

Leah Hill joined Missouri Partnership in 2008 and serves as the Director of Research. Leah leads the Partnership’s research efforts in support of both the recruitment and marketing teams. Leah earned ... Read More