Supply Chain Dive Spotlights Rapid Growth in Missouri’s Distribution Industry

Missouri is a top state for distribution and fulfillment centers. Supply Chain Dive, a national trade publication trusted by business leaders and top industry decision makers, recently praised Missouri’s critical role in supply chain management in an article titled “Why Missouri has seen a wave of distribution centers opening.”

“In recent years, the state has become a prevalent link in more companies’ supply chains due to its central location, mix of incentives and healthy labor supply. And even though warehouse rents have reached unseen heights in recent years, that’s unlikely to spook off businesses any time soon,” writes Senior Reporter, Max Garland.

URBN’s new fulfillment center in Missouri; Photo credit: Jacia Phillips | Arch Photo KC

Missouri has seen a large wave of distribution centers open since 2020, with companies like Walgreens, URBN and Chick-fil-A flocking to the state in pursuit of its strategic advantages. As Supply Chain Dive reports:

“Eighty-five percent of the U.S. population can be reached from a Kansas City location in two days or less, according to the Missouri Department of Economic Development. This has resulted in increased interest for Kansas City-area real estate from companies with e-commerce fulfillment operations, including Chewy, which opened its 800,000-square-foot Belton, Missouri, fulfillment center in 2021.”

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