Subash Alias, CEO of Missouri Partnership, Gives ‘Inside EcoDevo’ Podcast the Inside Scoop

On the latest episode of Inside EcoDevo, Missouri Partnership CEO Subash Alias gives listeners a crash course in economic development, site selection, and Missouri’s largest industries.

From Meta’s Kansas City facility to American Food Groups’ expansion in Warren County, 2022 was a record year for Missouri’s business attraction. Sharing his expertise in the field, Subash explains the role that Missouri Partnership and the Missouri Department of Economic Development played in securing some of the biggest wins in the state’s history.

Touching on the Industrial Site Development Program and the Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program, Subash also shares insights into the opportunities that ARPA funding has afforded Missouri in furthering the state’s competitive edge in infrastructure.

Listen to the podcast to learn more, including what 2022 project Subash was most excited about.