St. Louis Zoo Reveals Plans for New WildCare Park 

As a leader in conservation and research, the St. Louis Zoo has released a video rendering of its newest development, which expands on its efforts to help sustain endangered species while offering visitors an immersive educational experience. 

The fly-through rendering shows a Walking Safari, an observation tower, a Zooseum, Public Giraffe Feeding, as well as guided tours in safari vehicles. The end of the video reveals “Opening 2027.”

According to the Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Park website, the 425-acre park will be dedicated to supporting some of the most endangered species in the world, including Grevy’s zebra, addax, and mountain bongo. 

As for the economic impact on the surrounding community, the zoo estimates the project will generate over $660 million in economic activity in the St. Louis region over the next decade.

The St. Louis Zoo is a top-tier zoo in the U.S. that stands out for its high involvement in conservation and research and free general admission, making it an affordable destination for families, students, and tourists. 

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